Weekend Inspiration


On Wings Of Eagles

We are blessed again to have one of dear Friend Werner’s {The Court Chaplin} articles, which is apart of his wonderful book ‘About A Gardiner’

The long country road was finally coming to an end. In the distance the first buildings of the small township could be seen. The speedometer-needle steadily pointed to the 100 km mark. Four or five kilometers separated me from my destination, a radiology practice in this small country town. As my car sliced through a dried out landscape of tall brown grasses, growing alongside this straight country-road, the view through my windscreen suddenly changed dramatically. In my peripheral vision I could see it coming, a small aircraft some 400 or 500 meters away. It was flying towards a nearby airstrip, the wings now turned for a proper landing approach. But this was not an ordinary plane. It was lacking a propeller and a noisy engine. The sleek glider sliced through the cool crisp winter air, but when the pilot banked the glider for landing it lost valuable lift. Without the wind there was only one way it could go. Straight down it plunged, nose first into the ground beside the road.

Like a dice that had come to the end of the roll in the game of life, my number was up. There was nobody else on this long country road. It was my call. Her screams ushered away the peace of the Australian countryside. The young lady was in a bad way, but her life had been miraculously spared by the harness. The protective canopy lay beside the road, smashed into multiple pieces, but she was held fast in the small cabin. Mobile phones weren’t around at that time and holding her hand, hoping it would provide some comfort, is all I could do. A passing motorist stopped to inquire and soon flattened his foot on the accelerator to fetch assistance from the nearby town. Soon the siren of the ambulance drowned out her painful cries. It had been her first solo flight, the injured woman said, and miscalculating her final approach, vital lift was lost, which got her into this horrible situation.

We never said “good bye.” Instead it was “hello”, a few weeks later. It was truly a chance meeting, a divine appointment, I call these. When the ambulance had arrived on the scene of the accident, we had not exchanged details of names or addresses. However, upon entering the waiting-room of one of my client’s radiology practice in our city, I recognized her face immediately. She was waiting for another x-ray appointment.

“Two crushed vertebrae,” she reported. “The rest remained undamaged.” During our brief meeting she shared that the hospital had released her the following day. That afternoon she had returned to the airfield. Facing her fears she climbed into a glider and soared high above her fears, successfully completing her first solo flight. One of the most aggressive weeds that can rapidly overgrow our inner garden is called “fear.” Fear has swallowed up the gardens of many. Refusing to face our fears will allow them to spread their roots, increase in size and eventually enslave us, and rob us of our participation in life. There is a healthy fear and an unhealthy fear. The first one protects us from real danger; and it’s a righteous fear that protects us and others. The unhealthy fear is capable of overgrowing our garden and the front gate, preventing us from entering life with all its joys and challenges

. “Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” (Hebrews 10:35)

“Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27)

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

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