Weekend Inspiration


Easter may have just passed again, but the message of Easter remains strong. so for our Weekend Inspiration this week, we have one of our Lorraine wonderful poems called:


Easter began with the shadows cast of three wooden crosses, sunrise,

dawn sky reflecting in purple, bruised black clouds shading earth.

The body imprinted, stained with ancient blood, did flow to show sin dies,

where land trembled at a deed done and deepest darkness gave birth.

Shades of ruby and gold that lit trees and people crowds sat to wait

on dry, brown, dusty dirt between huddles of awe, some feeling pain

at the hanging from hewn splintered trunks of the disciple sentenced

by and judged without trial, by a decree that seemed to echo as not sane,

a prisoner, abandoned, abused, beaten and cruelly presented.

In the heat of the day, nailed between two others, he bled,

weakening, as water leaking from his wounds, was shed.

He was dead. The skies stormed a great blackness, until a hush

descended as people left in silence, with grief their hearts harsh.

The keening swept across the shadowed hills but a lone call sang,

‘Remember this day forever, the saviour of souls has paid this price

for all, his death will never fail sinners evermore.

The shadowed cross will always be here. Drink from his cup of sacrifice

and of eternal love every year’. And the people answered ‘AMEN_AMEN


Be Blessed Lorraine

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends At mylordmyfriend.com

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