Weekend Inspiration



God and Jeremiah battled continually to return the people of the land back to honoring God. For years and years God stood aside amidst wickedness and evil. They heard not the word of the Lord’s warning of famine, plague and the power of the sword.

What made him suddenly declare, ’Nevertheless’ I will bring health and healing to the earth and let them enjoy abundant peace and security. How gracious and forgiving, how accepting and honorable. He promises to rebuild, offers prosperity and cleansing of all sins. What depth of power he sends forth from his heart of love.

Yes, who can fathom God’s heart of love for his people. We ourselves often find difficulty hearing the words of love and ‘taking them in or holding them in’. The images of HIS love are seen so clearly in the Bible yet we are unable to experience that love. We need to increase our knowledge of ‘love passages’ to receive the love of God in our own healing, to increase the love of our Lord held within us to pass to others. Practicing taking in God’s love in your hearts in a shared love for others brings mutual peace, joy and a stillness that passes all understanding.

So stand by with Jesus in every situation and ‘take in’ his abundant love to your heart and soul. Try it!

Love from Lorraine

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