Weekend Inspiration



In Psalm 142 and 143: we remember how David often touched God with his emotions in the presence of God. There was a time however when David found himself in a cave alone where he cried out aloud. “I lift up my voice to the Lord for his mercy, I pour out my complaint and my trouble. My spirit grows faint. I look to my right and I see, no one is concerned for me. I have no refuge; no one cares for my life. Listen to my cry for I am in desperate need, rescue me. Set me free from my prison. Let the morning bring me a word of your unfailing love for I have put my trust in you.’

David feels abandoned, without refuge; that no one cares for him in his needs, those that imprison his despairing spirit. He meditates on all God has done for him and his soul thirsts for him like a parched land. For, says David, I have put my trust in you. Proverbs 13-verse 12-Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. David seems without hope yet he mentions trust and a longing for someone to care for his life and to be concerned about him.

We each need the basics from others, of trust, love, refuge, hope and caring toward a fulfilled longing of unity within Christ. So seek it, share it in love for one another to become a life tree. We all respond to these basic needs, don’t we?

Blessings from Lorraine

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