Weekend Inspiration


This week’s ‘Weekend Inspiration’ is an extract from a book written by our wonderful friend of the ministry, Lorraine Szabo’s brother Mike Riddell. The book is called ‘Sacred Journey’, so if you can get your hands on one, we are sure you will be blessed by it entire content.

A teaching of Jesus was whatever our most precious things are, there our hearts will be also. Whatever it is that we value most in life, that will be what captures and holds our inner aspirations. If it is material possessions, then we will be consumed by the pursuit of them. They will be the goals toward which we will strive, and the things which provide meaning for us.

Often people who seek such reward gain them, and fill thrir lives with innumerable belongings. These bring them certain amount of satisfaction, and the feeling of having arrived. But there may also come an associated fear of death. Nothing is more certain that all which has been accumulated will be stripped away by death, and so it is regarded as an enemy. There is however another type of treasure which might more suitably occupy our imagination; that of spiritual wealth. This is a lasting resource which doesn’t need insurance, retains it value and can never be taken away from its owner.

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

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