Weekends Inspiration


This week ‘Weekend Inspiration’ is another one of our dear friend of the ministry. Lorraine Szabo’s poems, called Midnight Battles  Be inspired as you read the poem from such a wonderful creative writer.


Evening slumbers before dusk,

as night swallows the day.

Soft winds die to stir not the dust.

Darkness seeks the sleepless that lay,

night shadows spread their net,

claim souls like fingers spread.

Midnight battles of the devil’s play are set

amidst God’s plans where he does tread.

in combat of the evil sought in war.

Through dark streets and corners unlit,

increase fervently your prayers even more

alongside the angels who lift from the pit

loved ones lost. to be loved and saved, to restore.

Be aware of the battles fought in dark night

where unseen spirits circle and strike the heart

hidden away from revealing light.

Battles silent, among shadowed evil start.

Hold the shield of your faith close and high

and God’s angels will guard you nigh

above the midnight battles of war.

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends At mylordmyfriend.com


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