Weekend Inspiration


We are blessed again by one of Lorraine Szabo poems. Lorraine is an inspiring lady to know, and we are sure you will glean from her inspiration by enjoying her Poem: Storm Clouds And Life.

Lightening splits and spills thunderous clouds apart.

in awesome seems across a black, bleak sky,

rolling and sucking depart of day to close in so dark.

For all storms of life teach us to ask why

Just as nature sets many horizons on fire, so stark.

God unleashes His plan and even angels cry,

of lessons we learn as life goes by.

Of times so harsh that led us to truth.

To empathy, to compass for each other,

I which stared seasons did love soothe.

After violent storms pass, peace and silence seek

circles of another,

encounter of God’s weaving of times, when we weak.

And need to lean on Him so courage defines, our closeness to Him.

As heart to heart we draw to Him one by one.

As life’s storms pass and pride to become dim,

We acknowledge the gathering of His Care, of He Who has no sin.

C Lorriane Sazbo

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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