Weekend Inspiration


Once again we are blessed in our ‘Weekend Inspiration’, by a wonderful poem from Lorraine Szabo. Lorraine is a great friend of the ministry, and to be able to use her writings, is a wonderful blessing not only to the ministry, but to all who read them. Enjoy Lorraine’s Poem.

“Living Life With God”

Many season pass by in many years

Somewhere leaves fall, as do tears,

Cold winters where even feet freeze

And the suffering heart seems to seize.

Or loses or turmoil destroy our days.

Challenge our prayers of all God’s ways.

Trust me, The Lord speaks

But I feel far too weak,

Hear me, again He speaks

But still I cry as rain leaks.

His shadow stalks, haunts me.

As He whispers, Look up to see.

Still I scatter fearful seeds,

Doubting like the dying reeds.

Days and chaos bring me down.

Little joy, just a heavy frown.

My burdens I carry, so heavy

Costing me as in a broken levy.

I pray desperately in His name,

He calls me back by my name

And whispers tender things,

Forsake you note willing I bring.

Hear, Listen again of my ways,

Always with you will I stay.

Release those doubts into my hands,

As each one I sift to set you so free.

You are my beloved child so just be.

Your pain, wounds are daily Mine,

We are bound together as in twine.

Turn not your soul from me away,

I know your heart and your days,

I walk with you, carry your load,

I share every rock in every road.

Take my scarred hands and rejoice

I will never let go so make a choice.

Heed my Words and follow Me to eternity,

Abide with Me, rest with me in peace and serenity.

Lorraine Szabo

Be Blessed Today and Everyday,

From Your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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