God Always Anwers


He Always Answers

God responds to our pain. God responds to our pain of grief and hard treatment, but are we ready to receive His Answers.
One of the most obvious places to look for a person going through grief and suffering is THE BOOK OF JOB.
In Job Chapter 13. Job was not really being helped in his plight by his friends.
First expresses his disappointment with his three friends. Instead of trying to encourage Job, his friends were looking for areas of Job’s life that were not right.
Math 7 v 3 tells us:
“Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but don’t notice the log in your own eye”.
Then Job, despite of what he is going through, “declares” his faith in God (13 v 17).
Finally Job desired that God come to him and get the issue settle once and for all.
We need to go to Chapter 38 for God’s response to Job. But God doesn’t answer Job in a way he expected. God’s response can be summarized with 3 questions.
1. Can you explain my creation?
2. Can you oversee my creation?
3. Can you subdue my creation?
Job must have thought, what has that got to do with my pain, my grief and my suffering.
God has plans for all HIS creation. He planned HIS creation to be a garden of joyful beauty, but sin turned creation, into a battlefield of ugliness and misery.
Humans beings in their self-centeredness have wasted all the goodness of his creation.
Dealing with people and their thought about us, will not bring an end to our pain and suffering and sometimes might add to it.
As like Job, we need to declare our faith in God.
But God needs to be, in our declaration ALL POWERFUL, not just the worldly opinion of God. When we see Him and believe Him, for all He is,  our situation becomes a mere speck and distraction, from the wonderful plan for He has for us all.
JER 29 v 11
For I know the plan I have for you, this is the Lord’s declaration. Plans for your welfare, not evil, to give you a future and a hope.

God Bless


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