Weekene Inspiration


Once again we would like to thank Colleen, for another one of her inspiring wonderful poems. Not only are the poems Colleens writes under the name Loraine Szabo, but Colleen herself is a very inspiring person, and we are sure, everyone can glean that from her writings and poems, they have the chance to read. This Poem is called:

Shades Of Sunsets Dying

Listen, hear the tired wind fading into a silent sky,

As violet clouds shred and shrink like morose frowns

Sunlit trees absorb the ending of days in the Saffron cry.

Dark shadows tear at the sinking of amber light,

Slowly, softly, the filters of darkness swallow all,

As the flora rises, renewed from the heat’s blight.

Wilted Grass sighs while wild flowers stretch tall,

Seeking the tendrils of earthly life, to crave cool.

Sounds of birds no longer call as wings fold,  fall.

Evening sinks and hides from searing sun, so cruel,

Streaks of sunset rays sweep, weep and die at night

To allow the mysteries of night’s sojourn to cast

Unseen drifts between insect, owl and night moth,

Gathering, hunting, seeking seed to feed, to last

Their tracks entwine, strive to survive, avoid wrath

To emerge, to succor supply in the shadows of night

Who meet with midnight until dawn breaks into light

Rising to wake the new day where sun again does strike.

Nature, universe, earth, solar, moon cycles and life

Exist unchanged, forever rife.

L Szabo C 2015

Be Blessed today and everyday.

From your friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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