Weekend Inspiration


Our weekend inspiration comes again from Cousin Ruth. Ruth has been gloriously set free from a cult. The cost to Ruth of that freedom is to be shunned by most of her family. But in our family here at My Lord My Friend .Com, Cousin Ruth is a big part. Ruth is now a prayer warrior for those, who find themselves caught in cults, The testimony of Ruth’s new life in Christ Jesus, can be seen through the many poems she has written. We are wonderfully proud of how, Ruth is allowing the Lord to work in and through her life now, and we are sure, you will agree, by reading the words of her latest poem, Salvation.


Sound the word of God to all

To all who linger,all who fall

Come and he will give you rest

Trust in him to be greatly blessed

Trust in him, his word is plain

Taking all your sins and pain

Sinners he will gladly receive

If in your heart you truly believe

As you stand pure in heart

Condemnation plays no part

Come to him in repentance

Accept him and seize the chance

He will take your sinfulness

Clothing you with his righteousness

Purging you from spot and stain

So heavenly life you will attain

As you walk daily with the Lord

With eternal life as your reward

Putting your complete trust in him

Your shining light will never grow dim

C.  Ruth.

Be Blessed today and everyday,

from your Friends at mylordmyfriend.com

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