Faith In Action ‘Faith To Believe’


In 2008 I was a part of a small group of people who traveled the globe to minister the gospel. And while I can look back now and marvel at how amazing it was, the number of healing miracles we witnessed and that God did through us was incredible; A color blind man receiving full color range again, knee arthritis healed, partial blindness healed, throat cancer healed, All in His name, just to name a few.

We also witnessed many salvation’s and re-dedications to God. It was an incredible experience and one that I hold firmly in my heart. However the lead up to the trip wasn’t so amazing. It was rather stressful, until God stepped in that is.

Back then I was a youth worker, working 3 days a week, and studying every other spare moment of my life, so it was fair to say that my finances weren’t the greatest. They most certainly weren’t “let’s go on an around the world missions trip” great.

So I scrimped and saved, pinched every penny I had, sold things I didn’t want, had a birthday, put my tax return toward it, I even applied for a credit card and got rejected – which in hind sight was a great thing. But still I was short, and scraping the bottom of the barrel of idea’s on how I could make more money.

Still I never gave up believing! I held firm and kept declaring God’s word over my life, I held onto faith, when normally I would have just turned, filed it as hopeless and walked away. I petitioned God whenever I could. I reminded Him [not that God ever forgets, He just likes to see us use His word and declare His promises over our life] of all the promises He had laid out for me. He declared prosperity, He declared freedom of bondage, He declared a finishing power over everything. He owns it all, He can give it to whoever he wants.

Yet, I didn’t receive a single dollar and was $1500 short the night before the trip. It was hopeless!

At this point I think it’s important to point out that I hadn’t told anyone that I was short, not the people I was going on the trip with, my family, my friends or anyone. No one knew.

The night before the trip was a Sunday night, so I went to church and we all got prayed over, and said our good byes, and were about to go home and get some sleep, we did after all have an early flight. When a lady in the congregation, a lady I had seen before but never spoken to, nor even knew her name, approached me and said…

“I’ve always wanted to go on a missions trip, but I can’t. I’ve always wanted to be a part of what you are going to do, but I’ll never get to. The best thing I can do is to make sure someone else can go and do that work. That way in spirit I will be a part of the work, a part of the team.’

At this point she pulled out her cheque book and said to me.

“God told me during worship tonight that you need $1500 dollars. And I am more than happy to be able to bless you to bless others.”

She handed me the cheque and I was gobbed smacked. This just didn’t happen. I couldn’t thank her enough.

The next morning I joined my friends on the most amazing trip that I have ever been a part of. I still bore my friends with stories of my exploits.

The point of this story is never, ever give up faith. Never beg and plead with God. Take up His word and declare. He has already said you are master over money not the other way around. He is the God of the 1st Hour and of the 11th hour. Declare His promises and hold firm in faith. The impossible is possible.

If it can happen to me, it can, and will happen to you!

-The Kid

5 responses to “Faith In Action ‘Faith To Believe’

  1. Would you pray for my son Caleb? He has been diagnosed with a rare medical condition and been given a bleak prognosis. I am praying first for a miracle of physical healing and second for the peace to accept God’s will.

    • It will be our great joy to join with you in prayer, for your son Caleb.

      His word says in Luke 12:32 “Fear not little flock, it is the Lord’s great pleasure to give you the kingdom.’

      His kingdom is filled with Joy, Peace, and no lack, no lack of health, no lack of love.

      Lord we just thank you for being the amazing God you are, we join together and praise your Holy Name! We thank you that it is your will for us to be successful, joyful and loved. We ask you Lord for a healing miracle and break through to happen in Caleb’s life. We break off anything that may be hindering Caleb from receiving his break through of healing, we do this in your Precious Name. We thank you Lord, for everything you’ve done, the miraculous, you’ve provided for us, and how You have loved us all greatly. We love and adore you Lord. We thank You Lord, that Caleb is blessed by a wonderful father who cares for Him and ask You to bless his dad with an overflowing of Your peace. Amen.

      It is a great pleasure to pray for your son Caleb, and stand with you as prayer partners and friends. We look forward to hearing the miracles come to pass and look forward to hearing further from you.

      OFJ {Old Fellow John} and The Kid aka Michael.

      • Hi Tony How is your son Caleb, we continue to pray for Him, and enjoy reading encouragement from your site. God Richest Blessing this Easter for you and your family Old Fellow John

      • Thank you, John, for your prayers and concern. Caleb is showing glimpses of improvement on his prescribed medicine. It is still too early to tell how much he will progress, if any. We give thanks each day for the blessing of his life and try to support him as best we can. Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter!

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