Excitement From Ecclesiastes


We would love people to get excited about reading the Bible, it is our intention to introduce by a short article, some of the excitement we have gleaned from the many different books that go to make up The Bible. The Holy Spirit is our comforter and helper, so if you are having trouble in reading this most incredible Book, ask The Holy Spirit to guide you as you read, to understand what God is trying to tell us.

Ecclesiastes is exciting and surprising for the most different reason, it is a cynical, weary dismissal of life from, one who has seen it all and regrets it. A major statement seems to be ‘Everything is meaningless.

What is the meaning of life, when we get to a senior age, and start to look at our mortality, when we suddenly know and feel the full awareness that someday we will die, we might too start to reflect on what is the meaning of life.

Nothing makes sense, everything is nonsense. Verses 1 verse 2 “Absolutely Futile, Everything is Futile”.

It is not exactly a happy introduction. Not what we might call ‘uplifting’, but it does have appeal, for if we are all honest, who has not thought this way at times.

Although the feeling we pick up from Ecclesiastes is negative and pessimistic. we should not conclude that the only chapter worth reading and applying is the last one, which gives Solomon ‘s ultimate and positives conclusions. The entire book was inspired by The Holy Spirit, making the entire book a vital source of practical wisdom.

All Solomon’s remarks are persevered in this  book, for a purpose, to lead us to seek true happiness in God alone. Solomon is not trying to destroy all our hopes, but is instead directing our thoughts, to the One who can truly fulfill them.

The excitement we can glean from Ecclesiastes, is that Solomon affirms the value of knowledge, relationship, work and pleasure, but shows us that their value is realized only in their proper place of priority in the light of eternity.

Nothing in life will bring true meaning and happiness, not wealth, fame, pleasure or success. Only through Our Lord Our Redeemer and Our Friend can we find real fulfillment.

While the world spends it’s time looking, let us all come to the source Our Loving Creator God. Enjoy reading Ecclesiastes afresh to glean the wisdom and excitement The Holy Spirit has for us all.

God Bless.

O F J.

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