Faith Of Our Forefather


Nobody else faith, can get us saved. The prayers and the consistency of faithful people, can help us to a place where, we see for ourselves the need for a personal repentance, and a personal acceptance, of Christ Jesus, who we than can call Our Lord, Our Savior and Our Friend.

Faithful people can make known, the beauty of a personal relationship, with Our Lord and Our Friend, but we all need to make the decision for ourselves, and not to please someone else. Here is a wonderful Hynm, still sung today and by many faithful fore bearers. “Come”

V1: Come, for the feast is spread ;

Hark to the call !

Come to the living Bread,

Broken for all;

Come to His ‘house of wine’,

Low on His breast recline;

All that He hath is thine;

Come. sinner, come.

V2: Come where the fountains flow —

Rivers of life —

Healing for all thy woes,

Doubting, and strife;

Millions have supplied,

No one was ever denied;

Come to the crimson tide,

Come. sinner, come.

V3: Come to the Throne of Grace,

Boldly draw near;

He who would win the race

Must tarry here;

Whatever thy want may be

Here is the Grace for thee,

Jesus thy only plea;

Come, sinner, come.

V4: Come to the better land,

Pilgrims, make haste !

Earth is a foreign strand —

Wilderness waste !

Here are the harps of Gold,

Here are the joys untold —

Crowns for the young and old:

Come, sinner come.

V5: Jesus, we come to thee,

Oh, take us in !

Set Thou our spirit free;

Cleanse us from sin 1

Then, in yon land of light,

Clothed in robes of white,

Resting not day nor night,

Thee will we sing.

We are are sinners, {fallen short of God’s requirements for our lives}. But God has offered us away, for us all to come back, and live in His Presence now and in eternity.

John 3 verse 16: God’s love tells us that anyone can come ‘a whosoever’, but it has to be our individual choice to come.

Come, sinner, come and allow the  transforming power of Our Lord and Our Friend, to transform our lives, into all they can be for Him. That is a decision that nobody will be disappointed in.

God Bless.

O F J.

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