Sunday Encouragement


If this is your day for rest, we all still need encouragement, perhaps you live in a place, where rest is hard to come by, a place where there is turmoil around, be encouraged there is a Creator God who loves you. In The Bible, in The Book of John Chapter 3 verse 16. it explains God’s love and He has made away for all to come to Him, {using the word ‘whosoever}. if you need His help call out to Him, and He will answer, but mostly likely in a way you will not expect. Be encouraged God does love you. and He has made away for you.

John 14 verse 2

“In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if not I would have told you. I am going away to prepare a place for you.”

Perhaps it would be more familiar from the King James Version. ” In My Fathers house are many mansions:”

Jesus’ words; He has prepared a place for us in eternity. We are an eternal being we are living in eternity now, but this body we have is only a tent, to be exchanged for a glorified body, on the other side of the grave.

Faith in God clears murky water of doubt and fear. The Believer who has confidence in Jesus Christ, knows that their eternal footstep have been ordered by the Lord, and that there is a mansion prepared for them, that their wildest imaginations could not conceive. If these things were not so, Jesus {Our Lord and Our Friend} would have told us. He is not a liar. His word is sure and steadfast. a safe anchor for the soul, and those who come into the harbor of faith in Him, have perfect peace available to them in their troubling storms of this world.

Rest and Reflect in the fact, that Jesus has great plans for our lives, now and after we leave this world to be eternally with Him

Be Blessed today and everyday.

From Your Friends at My Lord My Friend .com

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