Jesus Loves, Jesus Cares


It is amazing that a lot of people know a lot of the stories in The Bible, but they don’t seem to get the substance in the story.

Today we are going to look at the story of Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha, and this story comes from John Chapter 11;

One day Lazarus became ill, as he grew worse and worse, his sisters Mary and Martha were worried. Then in there troubling time, they remembered Jesus, and they could ask Jesus to come, because they knew He cared about them.

The sisters send a message to Jesus, He is always interested in us and too happy to hear our troubles and disappointments.

The sisters waited for a response from Jesus. often we think we need Jesus instant help to our problems. God’s delays are not God denials. Jesus knew exactly what He was doing, and His timing is never out.

For Jesus to come back to the place were Mary, Martha and Lazarus lived, there was great risk {V8} Love isn’t always plain sailing,Love risks at times. and Jesus always knows the best time, to answer us

Eventually Jesus came to the two sisters, listened to them and assured them with His Word. Jesus always comforts in His caring, but we need to Believe He can answer our needs.V21 and 22} Jesus cannot really help. until we move from Lord If ! to Yes Lord we believe and know You can help.

The troubles Mary and Martha had, had now become a problem Lazarus had died. Jesus not only knows our problems, but He identifies with what we are going through, He feels for us, because that is apart of His great Love for us. [V35} Jesus wept.

Just when we think, the problems can not be solved {v38} Jesus goes to the heart of the problem, the tomb. Martha made the confession, we all need to passionately believe, and later in scripture we will later here Peter say, “I believe that you are God’s Son, the Promised Messiah.”

Jesus calls into the grave, ‘Lazarus come out’. Death is not a problem to us if we passionately believe and receive Christ Jesus as, Our Lord, Our Redeemer. Our Savor and Our Friend.

He always will hear our cries, and He will come to get to the heart of the pain of those cries, only Believe.

God Bless.

O F J.

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