Faith In Action ‘Assurance Of Knowing’



This is a Faith In Action story we pulled from our archive.

My best friend is the creator of the universe, and I myself can easily be a fool for Christ’s sake. For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the one true Power.

Knowing who we are In Christ, so when someone comes along with an argument, we are secure In Our Lord and Our Friend. I always say a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument

Sometime ago when I was driving a taxi as a way to have an income.  I met a troubled man {Brett}, who got in to my taxi he appeared quiet troubled and disturbed, after greeting me tersely and asked me what I truly believed in.

For me this was an open runway, the jumbo jet of information was about to land.

I told him put simply “My best friend is the creator of the universe.”

“What do you mean?” Brett  snorted. “Well,” I said, “the God who created everything, died on the cross for me. Jesus is My Lord and My Friend.”

Brett was agitated and snorted again “Jesus is not God.” Sometimes I say things that, get me into more trouble

My reply was “I think He would have told me if He wasn’t, but I know He is.”

This really upset him. I said “sorry, but you asked me what I truly believe and I told you what I believe.”

The more I talked about walking with Jesus the more Brett erupted.

Brett told me he could not believe what I said. So I started to explain more about Jesus.

Brett seemed to become more angry and said ‘If  I knew who he was I would stop.”

My reply to this was a little cheeky again, because I said “I don’t care even if you are the devil himself, Jesus Christ is still Lord.”

Brett then snorted that he could really hurt me. I said to Brett, “You most likely could” but I didn’t believe Jesus would let you.

About a kilometer from where Brett was going to, he told me to stop the car he was going to get out and he wasn’t going to pay.

Brett got out of the car throwing his arm around like a madman, shouting Jesus is not God. He also shouted back at me “I will find out where you live be scared.”

Silly me again! I drove up beside him and said “If you do come around to my place Brett please bring the fare you didn’t pay. He walk off quickly.”

Then as silly as it was I went and waited for Brett at where he said he wanted to go.

I called to Brett and said “Don’t be troubled, I will be praying for you.” I left and believe  that I planted a seed that would lead Brett to the truth about Our Lord and Friend.

I don’t recommend witnessing this way but Jesus is My Lord, My Redeemer and My Friend and nobody puts Him down, to me. It comes from an assurance, of how much he loves me and each one of us, and everybody deserves a chance to hear that.

God Bless.


* Name of man changed to Brett, for story purposes.

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