Breakout {Poem}

This is one of Old Fellow John’s Poems we have used before, The Gospel is all about being set free, into newness of Life In Christ Jesus {Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend}. He has also given us discernment, to discern the things that hold us back, from those we need to break out. If the past is giving you trouble, take it to Our Lord and Our Friend in prayer. John 10 verse 10: tells us: “I {Jesus} have come that they {Yes You and Us} may have life and have it in abundance”.  That is more than wealth, it is a life of contentment, purpose and destiny.

breakout Breakout

Breakout of endless captivity.

Captivity that controls your mind and body.

Captivity that is the love of society,

A Godless captivity that will conquer your soul.

Breakout of constant pressure,

Pressure that destroys the beauty for living.

Pressure that is one man’s price of success,

A Godless pressure that entrenches your will.

Is that life you are leading as meaningful as it should,

Or would you like to make it better?

Then Breakout and walk with a wonderful God.

Breakout and establish a relationship,

It is the greatest decision you will ever make on your own.

God is waiting, God loves, God is calling,


Enjoy and be blessed from your friends at My Lord My Friend, com

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