Foolish Things, Transforming Things


Sometimes when you read His Word, where He tells people to do things and they do, do you think if we were in the same situation,what would we have done.

Before we become apart of the Kingdom of God, we might have had real difficulty to do some of the things He asked, so the situation would be different.

I Corinthians 1 verse 19: “For it is written: I {God} will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I {God} will set aside the understanding of the experts.”

When we look back at Joshua. The Book of Joshua chapter 6: God told Joshua and his army to march around Jericho for six days and on the seventh day to march around the city seven times.

Can you imagine , what the people were thinking, what are we going to do make them laugh to death? We will wear ourselves out before those walls come down.

Through obedience , Joshua lead them to a tremendous victory, I bet they would have marched anywhere then, on the short term for God.

Gideon in Judges chapter 7: When the three hundred man that were left, Gideon split them into three groups of a hundred. Then he handed out to each man an earthenware jar, a torch of oil wood and a trumpet made of ram’s horn. What were these men thinking, when Gideon told them of God’s plan to take the Midianite camp. Imagine, a touch so they can see us coming, we will be barbequed with our own fire.

Through obedience Gideon, lead them to a great victory.

Naaman in 2 Kings chapter 5: Naaman was a fine soldier who had leprosy, a career ending disease. Elisha the prophet told him to go wash seven times in the River Jordan and he would be cured. Imagine Naaman, his response was ‘why should i wash in their dirty old river, we have much cleaner rivers where I come from.

Eventually through obedience Naaman was healed.

In the New Testament, John 21 verse 6: Jesus told them to cast our there nets again. They had been fishing all night and caught nothing. Imagine what they thought, can’t He see how tired we are from working all that time and catching nothing.

Eventually through obedience they caught a large number of fish.

Man’s wisdom in each of these stories, would have been astounded, with the way God responded to the situation.

The world would say it is foolish to believe in God, but the alternative to belief that they would have us believe, is even more foolish to comprehend.

It was the wise men of the world that sort Him, in Mathew chapter 2, and if we are to be wise, the best place to start is to seek Him {Our Lord and Our Friend], in everything we do.

it is time to start confounding, it is a time to live our Faith to the Full. No one will ever be disappointed in a life of Faith and Trust in the God that created us.

God Bless.

O F J.


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