Reflective Moment ‘Never Giving Up’


‘Grace Be With You’: These are the last words of The apostle Paul recorded in Scriptures, written while he was waiting martyrdom in a Roman prison {2 Timothy 4 verse 22}. From a world perspective at the time, The Apostles life was to end a tragic failure. The Apostle showed no regrets as he lays his life down for the Lord.

The world at the time might have judged Paul work a failure, but now 2000 years later, The apostle Paul’s influence surpasses that of all God’s servants. Paul’s writings are a crucial part of Scripture and have lead to innumerable numbers to Faith in Our Lord and Our Friend.

We might not reach the same effect The Apostle Paul had, but God can take our faithful efforts and multiplies them far beyond what we can imagine or hope for.

Even any of our failures may be seed, from which harvests will be reaped bountifully. Reflective in this thought and never give up, in being busy for the Kingdom of Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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