Standing Firm In Our Faith


Many today are looking to new religions and cults, to the mysteries of life knowledge, to all sorts of beliefs, to try to satisfy their spiritual longings.

In Colossians, the Apostle Paul addresses this subject well. The news had reached him of this kind of searching, Paul would have none of it. Jesus Christ {Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend}, is not one of many gods, He is The Only One, all in all. This is the theme of Paul’s letter to the Colossian.

As people of today’s cultures, we lack a center for our thinking and our living. Our knowledge is fragmented, fragmented to a stage where it does not add up. The Apostle Paul states, Jesus Christ gives us the unity principle. Our Lord and Our Friend is the key to understanding the universe and the purpose of our lives in it. Our Lord and Our Friend is The One who make sense of everything, He is The One who holds it all together.

We are to display this truth. Being a Christian must result in a change of life. If Christ Jesus is Head of all things, and if He has risen from death for us, this has a direct consequence for the way we live.

We as His followers are therefore a new creations in Him, it is inconceivable that Our Lord and Our Friend’s followers could live as they did before, we come to him. New Creations, with Christ as the center. Our Lord and Our Friend is this the gravitational pull which holds us all together.

Colossians talks about pulling off and putting on, and lists virtue we should put on, compassion, kindness, lowliness, meekness, patience.and adds forgiveness and love. Forgiveness is necessary because this is what God has given us in Christ Jesus.

Despite all the belief floating around in the world, being a Christian MUST result in change of life. Pulling off the way we were before we accepted Christ Jesus as Our Lord and Our Friend, and putting on our new life, which is based on the kind of life which Jesus Himself lived.

We all need to live and practise an open Christianity, a way of life that can only be displayed by those who follow Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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