Reflective Moment ‘Providence’


‘Providence can be defined as: The continuous active involvement of God in the created universe, shaping events according to His purposes.

The actual dictionary meaning from a Christian perceptive is: The care or protection provided by God.

In other words to invisible Hand of God, in circumstances that shape our lives.

The belief that God by The Holy Spirit is constantly at work in and through circumstances is uniquely scriptural.

This comes from believing:

God is All-powerful.

God is All-loving and concerned for His creations

But our freedom to choice does not cancel out  Providence. We still can choose how we respond to our circumstances.

But if we all look back at events that come up during our lives. we should take the time to marvel, how Our Lord and Our Friend through the work of The Holy Spirit, has worked in our lives.

After all He promised, He would never leave us or forsake us.

Take Providence out of the world, we would have nothing to hold in together.

God Bless.

O F J.

3 responses to “Reflective Moment ‘Providence’

  1. i am sending a poem I wrote called “Providence”

    The love of my Brothers and Sisters grand Is so very hard to understand That they’re there to caere and share When all through life you’ve had to fare

    When your Pastor rings it’s a surprise To know you’re thought of is not all lies The Devil may try to rob me of my joy But I’m aware of his every ploy

    Though I’ve been through many trials I know God loves me despite Satan’s wiles He may try to confuse and belittle me But my loving Father is greater than he

    He takes all my cares and concerns And gives me the love my heart yearns With a loving Spiritual Family and Friens While all the time my broken heart mends

    c. Ruth Condoleon 20/ 9/97

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