Under His Covering


Again lets turn to one of the great Hymns of Faith that has been sung down through the ages. We not only belong to The Body of Christ of this present era, but right down though the ages we are apart of all the believers as the body of Christ.

Matthew 23 verse 37: refers to us as chicks being gathered under the wings of our Almighty God.

Psalm 17 verse 8: “Guard me as the apple of Your eye; hide me in the shadow of Your wings”.

So lets join with the saints of old as we look at one of these beautiful Hymns, sung down through the ages, about God’s covering.

1. In  the shadow of the Highest

My defense shall ever be,

for His eyes, that never sleepth.

still is watching over me.

Chorus; I am Dwelling in the shadow…

Of the mighty King of Kings….

With His feathers I am covered….

And i rest beneath His wings….

2. In the shadows of the highest

i am safe from dread alarms.

For beneath me and around me

are His everlasting arms.

3. In the shadow of the Highest,

There no evil can befal—

He’s me Hope, my Shield, my Buckler,

My deliver and my All.

Faith from  the past, Faith in the present, and definite Faith for what lies ahead.

God Bless.

O F J,

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