Why Pray


The attributes of God. One of His many attributes is He is Omniscient, which simply means “ALL KNOWING”.

We read in Scripture that God knows such things as the numbers of hairs on our heads, and the number of the stars in the sky, if that is not enough to make us astounded, he also knows the grains of sands, he made.

Ok!  One might say, what does that really mean for me, well God knows far more than trivial facts about you. God {Our Lord and Our Friend} knows your thought,  your plans, and your emotions.

Let read the story in John chapter 4.{Paraphrased}:

Jesus was traveling from Judea to Galilee. Jesus paused to rest beside a well in  Samaria. a woman came to the well, and Jesus spoke to her. Her jaw dropped to the ground as Jesus told her about her life and her mistakes and then help her see Him as the Messiah. Because of this encounter with Jesus, the woman ran into town telling everyone, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did!

Our Lord and Our Friend knows everything about us, nothing is hidden from Him.

He does not tell us everything we will come across in your life, but He does promise to be with us, It is our choice, whether we take Him with us. He wants a relationship with us, and we  should be aware, prayer is a dialogue and not a monologue.

When we talk to Him {in prayer], we can tell Him everything, as He will be the best Friend we will ever have. So lay all your concerns and needs, and even share your joys with Him.

God tells us about Himself, and will outline His plans for us, again it is our choice to follow.

Remember He loves us, more than we can even imagine, and He knows the answer to all our questions.

Have a Good conversation with Him today.

God Bless.


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