Facts Laid Out ‘Evolutionist Also Require Faith To Beleive’


Just as it takes Faith to believe in Our Lord and Our Friend, from facts presented one requires faith to believe evolution.

Evolution requires faith, and should not be presented as a fact. Evolution is an unverified hypothesis, a suggested law that has not been proven, but built on conflicting data, absence of data, and data that cannot be demonstrated

Believers of the theory, have never found ‘the missing.link’, the link between human and animal. If man had evolved from a lower form, surely there would be some verifiable link.

Believers of the theory, claim evolution is the result of a mutation of the species, but mutations are the corruption of the superior to an inferior, while evolution believers suggests the evolving of lower forms to the human being, who is the highest of all living things.

Believers of that theory have failed to identify the origins of life or matter, they cannot explain how something came from nothing.

Isn’t it great to believe ” Before I formed you {Us Individually} in the womb, I knew you.” A promise from our Creator God, who is Our Lord and Our Friend, who has given us all purpose and destiny.

God Bless.


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