The world in which we live is fascinated by appearances, and most of the time the pictures you see in magazines are airbrushed.

It seems to be the way of the world, to beat things up and make things look better or more inciting then what they are. Compared to the things of God which readily can be seen in all His Creation.

This is a good lead in to look at somebody like John the Baptist. We can read about him in Mark 1 verse 4.

Poor old John the Baptist, talk about a guy who needs a media specialist to improve his public image. Actually, John didn’t care what others though of him. Old John had a wild, eccentric variety of food to eat, and his voice with his prophetic speech had it own tone, and his looks to say the least were interesting. John knew his job, he was just a messenger.

John knew it was the Messiah’s image and esteem, that was the only thing he was interested in exalting. John’s intensity and bold actions were not that of a person who was perusing self interest and fame. John’s obvious humility did not spring from low self esteem, it was simply that John recognized his life wasn’t about him, it was all about Jesus.

Some how I don’t think he would become a television host, and is probably he would be someone people would cross the street to avoid. John Preaching repentance and baptism in today’s society  would probably draw cynicism and mocking. John didn’t fit into a pattern of people of his time, and would most likely be completely disregarded today.

There was a show on television called Keeping Up Appearances, this is something the world would expect, and it is a trap most politician fall into,like most of today’s society.

You and I may not have a mission revealed by ancient prophecies {Malachi 4 verse 5 to 6}, but our purpose can be the same as John’s, we are to be Jesus Christ’s  Ambassadors to this fallen world. {2 Corinthians 5 verse 18 to 20}.

The appearance we are to display are the fruits of Our Lord and Our Friend’s Kingdom. The world can have its glittering lights, but let us all move in the vision and purpose that John The baptist had, and not worry about what people may think of us,

God Bless.



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