Understanding and Overcoming Evil


This is a difficult issue for most of us, God and the problem of evil. We have been concentrating on the Book of Revelation lately and we still have a lot of topics that Revelation covers to write on, and where evil is concerned few stories explain a more dramatic climax than the closing chapters of Revelation.{Rev 20 verses 1 to 10}

The substance of this part of Revelation is God ultimately destroying Satan and his cohorts. This brings a joyful conclusion to the entire Bible. Once and for all evil, will be banished, never to trouble God’s creation. Yes! we are apart of God’s creation so evil is finally overcome for us as well.

God being all knowing knew that the moral rebellion against Him, by the free will choices of Adam and Eve, would produce an opposition to the things He created.

The issues that people have in their questionings whether there is a God, assume that seeing nothing appears  to be being done, God does not exist or He can do nothing about evil. But in fact, God has, First of all, God Himself came into the world, with all the sorrow and pain, and lived as one of us. Jesus knew and experienced all the difficult things His creation goes through, such as: poverty, thirst, hunger, injustice abuse, heartbreak and betrayal. Jesus died as one of us in excruciating pain, so God certainly understand all we can and could go through.

God’s plan from the beginning to deal with moral rebellion of the free will of His creation. God dealt with the problem of evil at it’s root. On the Cross. Jesus took on Himself the evil and wickedness of every person who has lived in order to do away with it and it effect on us.

In Romans 8 verse 4 and verse 11; We can start to see a glimpse of the New Life that we all can have, because Jesus broke the grip evil had had on the world, by dying in our place on the cross.

This is our hope and is something to look forward to as believers in Christ Jesus, but many other people who reject God and the Gospel do so because it is hard to understand evil. There reasoning if God is so big why does evil exist  and goes on to points like these;

1. A God who is good and loving would not allow evil and suffering in His World.

2.If God is all-powerful, He could remove evil if He wanted to?

These are great arguments, as evil has a big effect in this world, and Christians can be left wondering what to answer to these opinions are. If we look to scriptures we can give the answer, God did not create evil. The world that He created was completely good. {Genesis 1 verse 31} but His Original Creations Adam and Eve turned against God, using their gift of free will to rebel against. With their moral rebellion, the perfection of God’s world came crashing down, and people began to feel the effect of what opposition to God brings.

Even though God did not create evil, nor does He will it. He uses it to accomplish some of His purposes. The struggle against evil has led many people to seek after good, such as to produce admirable traits as courage, endurance, self-sacrifice and compassion.

This brings us to God’s final solution, in Revelation 20. In the end, God will show His full triumph over evil, by doing away with it and all it promotes. We were all created to live in relationship with Him, where evil had no place, now in this final unveiling of the victory Christ Jesus achieved on the Cross, suffering will be a memory. The peace, goodness and justice of God will come in God’s new heaven and earth.

Evil has no presence in the Kingdom of God, and by accepting Christ Jesus as Our lord and Our friend, we belong to the Kingdom of God, where He is our King.  Our King has overcome Evil for us, it might try to trouble us, but the fact of the matter is declared in Romans 8 verse 1;

“Therefore, no condemnation now exist for those IN Christ Jesus.”

We are IN, Christ Jesus this In means enveloped In.Him, we are literally hidden like a piece of paper in an envelope.

Be reassured that even though evil still exists in the world, Our Lord and Our Friend paid the price for us all to overcome it.

God Bless.

O F J.

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