Ruth At A Glance


Love and duty.

As we come to understand the Bible and the comprehensive stories of Our God at work in our world, we are impressed by the majesty of everything undertaken.

God {Our Lord and Our friend} speaking creation into existence.

God {Our Lord and Our Friend} saving His people out of a barbaric slavery and transforming their lives, is in essence the story of salvation.

Ruth points to the way in which God’s selfless love redeems His people. The way in which Boaz recognizes his obligations is an echo of the way Our Lord and Our Friend keeps His Promises.

{Jesus Christ is God and is only to willing to become Our Lord and Friend if we invite Him}.

The stories in Scripture are real everyday people God uses. These stories are impressive, in fact that so many of us enjoy the stories and love the hidden gems that are all through the scriptures. But sometimes we feel left out, our lives seem so ordinary and mundane and we wonder how God can use them.

God never leaves anyone out, He has a plan and purpose for all of us.

When we come to the story of Ruth, we come come to a small story of two widows and a farmer in their remote village. Ruth was an outsider, not born into faith and felt no natural part of it, like many of us.  Ruth came to find herself gathered into the story that God was putting together, and was given a quite and obscure part that proved critical to the way everything turned out.

The word ‘Redemption” occurs 23 times in Ruth. This concept is a key to the history of God’s people. Redemption means paying a price to save someone from evil. Through the selfless love of Ruth and Boaz, Naomi is redeemed. She is brought back from hunger and homelessness to security and contentment.

The way in which Boaz recognizes his obligations is an echo of the way in God keeps His promises. And it through another descendant of Ruth and Boaz, David and a descendant of David – Jesus – that God was truly to bring back His people to Himself.

Ruth in a Nutshell;

Naomi and her daughter-in -law Ruth are widowed, and return to Bethlehem.

Ruth gleans in Boaz’ fields and is protected by Him.

Ruth tells Boaz he is her relative and asks for marriage according to customs.

Boaz gives a closer relative the opportunity, when that is refused he marries Ruth.

Boaz’s selfless willingness to take Ruth {when a closer relative refuses} and at the same time to abide by strict conditions of the law provides a colorful illustration of the New Testament picture of God’s redemption through Jesus Christ.

We too are without eternal hope, we too are dependent on mercy and grace. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and revealed His love on the cross.

Ruth restores our faith in human nature , giving us two great example to follow. It also rekindles our faith in God. He sticks with us through the worst times and works for our good over long periods of time, and remains faithful to His own character.

God {Our Lord and Friend}is always faithful.

Read Ruth and enjoy.

O F J.

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