Proverbs At A Glance

Proverbs is blunt and practical and an inspirational list of life sayings on character and conduct.

Proverbs the best way to understand them, is they are there to stimulate, to provoke and to get you to think.

Most of the Proverbs were attributed to Solomon, but there are other authors. Proverbs does not develop an argument, or narrate a history, it is a collection of thought provoking sayings.

Most proverbs are intensely practical, but the Bible is a deeply practical book. God cares about the way we behave, the way we live our lives, our actions here on earth.

Proverbs teaches us to act justly, to keep our mouths from lying, to work hard, to avoid sinful relationships. Proverbs teaches about what it means to ‘fear the Lord’, this is a reverent fear, not an intimidating fear.

Proverbs is full of words of wisdom. There is one terse saying after another. People have tried to add to them but failed.

Proverbs is divided into three sections.

1 Counsel for the young   Proverbs 1 to 10

2 Counsel for all  Proverbs 11 to 20

3 Counsel for Kings and rulers  Proverbs 21 to 31 {We are all reigning in life through what Jesus has done for us Romans 5 verse 17} So these are fro us too.

Proverbs covers a huge range of topics, but several themes recur. Also, certain stock ‘charters’ crop up regularly, such as the nagging woman, the idle man, the gossip and the dishonest tradesman.

Some of the main to[pics covered include;

Seek Wisdom; {example] Proverbs 2 verses 1 to 5.

Avoid bad companions;  Proverbs 1 verse 10 to 19.

Help the poor; {example} proverbs 3 verse 27 to 35.

Watch your language; Proverbs 26 verses 20 to 28.

Don’t be a sluggard; Proverbs 6 verses 6 to 11.

Don’t be foolish; Proverbs 5 verses 1 to 23.

The way to Wisdom; Proverbs 1 verses 1 to 9.

Proverbs closes with one of the most beautiful chapters in the Bible Proverbs 31.

Proverbs is about getting us all to think.

In Proverbs we can find The Incarnate Word of The New Testament, Christ Jesus who found himself in this book {Luke 24 verse 27}.

Proverbs is a book to read in short sections, and meditate on. It is perfectly possible to dip into proverbs at random and gain practical insight and encouragement.

Proverbs is a beautiful book about true wisdom, read it and enjoy. Read it and find true wisdom that will help us all in our journey through life.

God bless.

O F J.

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