Created In The Image Of God

Humanity was created in the image of God.

Because humanity was created with a free will. God image {in humanity] was corrupted by sin, by the choices of free will.

Current evidence would say humanity is lost.

The Scriptures would say humanity is lost.

Humanity was the spiritual likeness of God, which also had His moral likeness,as well as His intellectual likeness, and His social likeness.

Free will, free choices married the image we were created in. When we are told not to do something {which is for our benefit not do do} and we do it that is rebellion which is sin. We can do good but now our nature became incapable of not doing the right thing.

This consequence of Adam and Eve’s sin was passed down to all their descendants {which includes you and me}.

The original sin Adam and Eve produced guilt for all of us human beings. This would seem unfair until we recognize that the restoration plan God put into existence by accepting what Our Lord and Our Friend did on the cross. He paid the price for the original sin and every sin that would happen.

Why would Jesus endure the cross, He didn’t have to John 10 verse 18 {paraphrased} He tells us no one took His life from Him. He laid it down. He was the creator of everything. He could have called the host of Heaven’s angels to protect Him, but He loved His creations to much to leave them in a fallen state.

Sin {wrongdoings} separate us from God. we will always be sinners to the day we die, but we are restored to God by Jesus’ death on the cross and His resurrection.

Then we become sinners saved by Grace.

If we repent {say sorry and mean it} and commit our lives to Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven and we are saved. We are restored to our relationship with God we were created for.

By sin God’s creations fell into a kingdom of darkness, where God could not protect us. It is a Kingdom where we are separated from Him.

We have the choice to come back to the Kingdom of God, which is where we can again walk in relationship with God, it is a free choice from your free will.

Even though it is possible that we will still sin, He is there to help us not to make the wrong choices.

If you were to make that free choice and come back under His covering, Please pray this simple but effective pray.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for what you did on the cross for me. Thank you for not leaving me to try to save myself. {which I couldn’t have} Thank you for paying the awful price for my sins. Help me to appreciate it, and give me confidence to share this good news with others Amen.

If you had already did this, it would be good again to reflect on the words of a prayer {something like this} you once said.

He really wants to be Your Lord and Your Friend.

God Bless


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