What Is The Church

When I was growing up my parents, God bless them, because they brought me up in a church, I thought the impressive brick building was the church.

It came as a bit of surprise to me when I learned many years later, Biblically speaking, that is not the church.  The Church is not a building. The Church is people. We do not go to church. We are the Church. The Bible gives several pictures of the Church that helps us to understand what it is.

The Church is like a body. The apostle Paul’s favorite picture for the Church was the body. It is a word picture for the fact Christians on earth are the hands,feet and tongue of Christ Jesus, that we are to work, travel, and speak as Christ Jesus would if he was in our shoes. {he is always with us to help and guide us}.

Christ Jesus {Our Lord and our Friend} is the head of the body, and each of us makes up our part of His spiritual body on earth. We each have different functions, different abilities, different callings, and different locations.

Read Romans 12 verse 4 to 5.

We do not become the body when we agree to work together in harmony. We are automatically the body, regardless of whether or not we work together in harmony. The question is only whether we will be a healthy body or not. We are not a member of the body when we decide to join a local church. If we are Christian, we are already members of the body. We are not added to the body or subtracted from the body by our choice. If we belong to Christ Jesus, we are members and we belong to each other, because we are all in Christ Jesus.

The Church is Universal {World wide}.

In the original language of the New testament, the Greek word for church is “EKKIESIA” translated church, means an assembly or group called for a meeting. Read Acts chapter 19 .

The people who are part of the universal church are those who receive, Christ Jesus as their personal Savior. Earthly membership of a local congregation, however is no guarantee of being apart of the spiritual church.

A good quote would be; “Going to church building doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a car.”

A local church is a group of believers who agree together to pursue the ideals of the universal church. {worldwide church}.

To many of us have too small a picture of the church. If we allow Jesus to function as The Head of The Church, we see powerful, dynamic, and visionary entity against which the gates of hell will never prevail, built by the saints of old, whose shoes are bigger than ours.

But we do suggest you find a good local church, where you can fellowship among fellow believers. A local church meets regularly, and a local church has a qualified leader,who can and should help you to grow in your Christian walk.

Accepting Christ Jesus makes you a Christian {believer} and makes you apart of the body of Christ Jesus {The universal world wide church}.

If you have not found one, find a local fellowship that makes you feel apart of it and help you in your Christian journey.

God Bless.


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