Desperate Measures

In November 2008 I flew out of an Atlanta that was right in the middle of the grips of the GFC. Whilst on the plane I reflected on the people I met, the hope in their faces before the house meetings we were going to run, an absolute desperation to plant their faith in the things of God.

These people, though varied in age, had or were just about to lose everything that they owned. Many were out of work, struggling to feed their families, pay their bills, and keep a roof over their head, yet in their eyes was a glimmer, in their hearts was a joy, in their souls was hope. Even before we had preached a single word.

They were hungry for God, hungry to see him move, they were hungry for a miracle, for something that would get them back on their feet, and they sure weren’t afraid to show it. Our meetings went for hours, the prayer and the worship was some of the most intense and heartbreaking I have ever been a part of. They were like an infant child totally helpless, crying out to it’s mother to fulfill it’s every need.

On the plane I thought long and hard about each and everyone of them, I prayed that they would see the answer to their prayers, that God’s love would fulfill them and pick them up and restore them.

From there we went on to other various parts of the world and ministered to many groups of people, yet the raw emotion of what I experienced in Atlanta was never the same. Sure the people we’re crying out to God, there was praying, there was worship, there was impartation. But it felt like there was just no power or meaning behind the words. It was like hearing sentences memorised and repeated by rote.

I’m not saying these people didnt want God to move, nor did they lack the faith. It just seems like they had come from a past of disappointment, a past where for whatever reason the things that they needed hadn’t been provided. It just seemed like the weren’t really expecting God to come through for them.

(Let me just say, that no matter when you ask God to do something for you, He does. His word says He will never forsake or abandon you. Sure, He didn’t do what you asked Him to do, but He did do something. At first it may not be evident, but certainly with the passing of time you can look back and see how the problem was worked out and resolved, and realise even though the miracle you needed wasn’t BIG and Profound, God did something to alter your situation, and walk you out the otherside. His word also says that He will never give us more than we can handle. And remember He know’s you intimately!!!)

Upon returning home, I started to get emails and phone calls from the people we had ministered to in Atlanta. They were testifying about the great things that were happening, and in some cases God turning the bad into the God. From miracle finance to pay mortgages through to unmarked envelopes showing up in letter boxes containing money for people to feed their families. One man, a dear friend of mine now, lost his business, went back to university and is finally doing what he always desired to do, teaching.

All amazing stories, not one person that I met from Atlanta didn’t have a story of how God had come through from them, even if it wasn’t in the way that they expected.

It got me thinking, why don’t we see more of that in everyday life, what was special about them that allowed God to move? For me it cam down to this…

I believe a lack of true desperation stops God from moving.

I believe that if we only come running to god when we need something now, we aren’t hungering for him. everyone can get desperate if their house or car is going to be reposessed, but can everyone live a life where they are desperate for the things of God?

I believe that if we all made ourselves desperate for God, saw him as the fulfiller of all our needs, we would see more miracles, sure, we would also find that we have an intimate relationship with him. A relationship where we hear his will, his burning passion for the lost souls of this world, and his burning, intense love for all of us.

I believe we have to be desperate for Him, we have to desire Him, like a small infant child, totally dependent on it’s mother to survive. So should we strive to see that God has the means to provide for us, and he most definately wants to.

Now, read on no more. Why not go seek him out, and spend some time feeding off of every word that flows from his mouth, and drinking from the river of living water? Go and spend time with Him, and desperately seek Him everyday.

You’ll be amazed!

-The Kid

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