Sunday Encouragement

If this is your day for rest, like us all you still need encouragement. Be encouraged today by this wonderful verse from Matthew 10 Verse 39:

Matthew 10 Verse 39:

“For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, who whoever loses his life because of Me will find it.”

Jesus was telling His disciples in Matthew 16 verse 24; “If anyone wants to come with me, he {or she} must deny themselves, take up his {or Her} cross; and follow Me”.

Lets get it clear we are not talking about Martyrdom, in most cases that is only an expression of self, {look at me and what I am doing}.

But the  real issue is Until we have meaning in our lives, and something to die for, we never really live.

We are all going to die, we just don’t know when. Life as the world knows it is terminal.

We were created for more than this life and death, so the big question is, will we ever really live?

We are all living and breathing {literally}, but there is a need  to push pass the Mediocre. In Christ Jesus we have destiny living, pushing past our fears and taking hold of our destiny.

Until we deal with the issue of life, that holds us to the mediocre, we don’t really ever live.

The real issue is only when we do deal with the things we can’t change {the inevitable}, that we actually do the impossible.Mark 9 verse 23.

When we lose the fear of death ,in and  through our relationship with Our Lord and Our Friend, we will move into the new realm of impact. Making a difference for the Kingdom of God, because the kingdom of self can not hold us back.

Be Blessed Today And Everyday,

From Your Friends At My Lord My Friend Ministries

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