Faith In Action ‘Firmly Fixed’

A prayer that everybody will know the words to: The Lord’s Prayer: With the words “Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done.”

Psalm 119 verse 89: “Lord, Your Word is forever, it is firmly fixed in heaven.”

What we all need in our lives is: “God’s Word firmly fixed in us.”

Why? Psalm 119 Verse 60: “The entirety of Your Word is Truth.”

And because, “the temporal will fade”. Psalm 4 Verse 8.

And because, it is a creative Word, a doing Word and an Accomplishing Word, Isaiah 55 Verse 11.

And because, it is an Enduring Word: Matthew 24 Verse 25.

John 17 Verse 17; it is a Sanctifying Word: “Sanctity them by the Truth; Your Word is Truth”.

SANCTIFICATION is a progressive work of both God and man and woman that makes Christians more and more free from sin and more and more like Christ in their actual lives.

Let the Word of God, the transforming presence of Our Lord and Our Friend, invade our lives, with all He is and what He has done for us.

Let His Words be firmly fixed in our hearts

God Bless


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