His Banner Over Me Is Love

Fear – the most irrational of emotions we can ever experience. We don’t dance like maniacs after walking through a spiderweb because we are exhilarated by it, no, we dance about, smacking ourselves, making noises that cause the neighborhood cats to hide because we think that a massive spider is crawling down our shirt, or waiting patiently in our hair for the right time to bite through our scalp and turn our insides to juice.

Poor spider. Some massive, lumbering clumsy giant just invaded and destroyed it’s home and it’s made out to be the bad guy. Poor thing’s probably hiding in the only remaining corner of it’s web pinching itself in disbelief!

Fear makes us do irrational things, it whispers to us in the dark assuring us with a 100% certainty that there is someone hiding under your bed, that those shadows are an axe wielding mass murder, that your are definitely going to plummet from the sky in fiery rage the next time you board a plane.

Yet the most irrational thing fear does to us, is that it paralyses us. It stops us dead in our tracks, or causes us to turn on our heel and run away. We don’t go to the doctor’s because we are afraid that little lump may be a little bit more nasty than just a little lump, we don’t check under the hood of our car because if something’s wrong that means it needs to be fixed, which means money that we just don’t have. Yet this stalling is doing us more harm than good. Obviously dealing with a small lump, or looking under the hood early gives you a good chance of dealing with a problem before it gets worse.


The Kid {Michael}

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