Wonderful Account From “Luke”

Luke’s aim is to write a proper history of what actually happened. he declares at the beginning that he carefully studied the sources and he aims to present a careful survey of the life and teaching of Jesus. Luke’s intention was to argue the case for Christianity; to counter ignorance and ill founded reports’

Luke’s gospel was written for the Greeks. Beside the Jews and the Romans, The Greeks were another people who had been preparing for Christ coming..

This is the gospel for the sinner. It brings out Christ’s compassionate love in becoming man to save man.

In Luke, we see God manifest in the flesh, Luke deals with the humanity of our Lord. he reveals the Savoir as a man with all His sympathies. feelings and growing powers. A Savior suited to all.

In the gospel, we see the God of Glory coming down to our level, entering into our conditions and being subject to our circumstances

Luke highlights Jesus’ relationship with people from every strata of society. Luke emphasis on women is striking, particularly in the view of the suspicion with which religious Jews of Jesus time viewed women.

As we skim through the Gospel, we see Luke repeated emphasis  on the humanity of Jesus. When tax collectors and ‘sinners’ flocked to hear Jesus, the religious leaders were scandalized. they would never associate with such people! But Jesus told the story of the Lost Sheep the shepherd searched for, and he called his friends to rejoice on the recovery. It is the same way heaven rejoices when a lost sinner is found, a truth that drives Jesus to befriend the outcast of society. {Luke 15 verses 1 to 7}

The night before His crucifixion Jesus prayed alone on the Mount of Olives. Jesus was in such anguish that “His sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground. {Luke 22 verse 44}

But when the betrayer Judas lead a mob to the hillside to drag Jesus before the court packed with the people who hatred Him. Jesus spoke to them calmly and went unresistant to His fate. {Luke 22 verses 39 to 53}

This is the Jesus who Luke presents a compassionate, brave, caring man was committed to revealing His Father’s character as a loving God.

Lessons we all can take from Luke:

Jesus shows compassion for the hurting and the lost, and so should we all.

Jesus speaks about the attitudes and actions that should characterize our daily lives, Forgiveness, Faithfulness, Thankfulness and Commitment.

Jesus shows a deep interest in people and their needs. He is not interested in their status,their race or their gender. We too should develop the same kind of interest in the needs of others, regardless of who or what they are.

God Bless


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