Wonderful Account From ‘Deuteronomy’

n its opening verse Deuteronomy tells us “these are the words that Moses addressed to all Israel, as they were camped in the plains of Moab and about to enter the promised land.”

Deuteronomy concentrates on events that take place in the final weeks of Moses’ life. The major event is the verbal communication of God’s divine revelation that Moses had received over the past 39plus years of wilderness wanderings. His audience in the new generation. they are poised and ready to enter the new land. This new generation needs this instruction in order to prepare for and prosper in their new land.

It is an exposition of the Law, the heart of the Old covenant (Testament). It is also quoted more than 80 times in the New Testament, an indication of the importance to a Christian.

God is a Covenant God, and His Covenants were always sealed in the blood of an animal sacrifice.

Covenant  according today’s dictionary means a formal agreement or contract.

God always gives us choices to enter into a covenant or not.

The old covenant was fulfilled in the new covenant (basically) what God was planning in the old covenant came to pass in the new covenant (Testament)

God’s own Son became the sacrifice, so that God could make a New Covenant with us. One that we can either reject or accept.

Deuteronomy is about entering the promised land.

Deuteronomy also explains the blessings and curses (the consequences of our decisions). They are in Deut. 28 v 1 14

Often people will ask why God would allow this and that, and look unfavorably upon him for being ‘unfair’. But as the Loving Father and Parent He is, is it not only fair, that he discipline us for our own sake, then allow us to continue on in our own foolish ways? I’m sure we’ve all experienced the consequences of our actions and decisions at sometime. And though some of those lessons are tough and can be hard to face, God will give you nothing that you can’t handle.

And as a Loving Father and Parent. I believe He knows what’s best for us, His children.

We too. can enter into God’s New Covenant, just as any ‘whosoever’ can. read John 3 verse 16;

God Bless.


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