Weekend Inspiration

How do we know God loves you and me individually.It is hard to believe that the God who created everything, and who is after all, so vast we can’t even begin to imagine how vast. That He can ever know us or could be intimately and personally be willing to invest in us.How can such a thing be true.How can you really be sure that a person loves, anybody for that matter. Do they just love an aspect of you, the impression that you make on  them or just your life style and what you are making of your life. For a person to love you they need to know you.

The more that person knows you, the more secure you can be in the quality of that person’s love for you. If someone really knows you, know the bad side of you, warts and all, and still loves you than you can say there love should be for real. This person isn’t just there for the good times, they understand the good and the bad about you.You really can’t love somebody unless you know and understand the peculiarities about that person. who would know you better than God. The God that created you. God know you at least as well as you know yourself, and if you think you can hide anything about yourself from an All Knowing God who is Omnipresent {always present} you better think again.

The word I love you seems to be easily branded about these days, as easily as I don’t love you anymore.If someone is going to talk the I love talk, they must walk the I love you walk – otherwise, all that you have are words.The most important statement about God loving us is.John 3 verse 15 So that everyone {individually} who believes in Him will have eternal life.John 3 verse 16 God so loved the world that He gave- That whosoever{individually} believes in Him will not perish but have life with Him Eternally.Believing God is a individual process, being part of a church is where we come collectively to worship Him.God paid an awful price to rescue us from the power of sin and offer us eternal life with Him.  {Read again This is the day for Salvation}

.He loves us because He has great plans for us. Jeremiah 29 verse 11. “For I know the plans, I have for YOU”, this is the Lord’s declaration, ” plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give YOU a future and a hope.”He loves us because He cares about us {YOU}. Luke 12 verse 6 to 7v 6 ” Aren’t five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten in God’s sight.”v 7” Indeed the hairs of your head are are counted. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than sparrows.”We are valued by Him. When you stop and think about it, it is just too astonishing to think how much He love us {YOU}.

He paid the price to rescue you. {as a individual}He has plans for you to succeed   {as an individual}He cares about you { as an individual}He values you { as an individual}God wants to touch your life directly. He would love you to respond to the love He offers. He wants to be with you in every aspect of your life.You can be sure God { Our Lord and Our Friend} surely does LOVE YOU, warts and all.

Words from a famous song “Jesus loves Me this I know for the Bible tells me so.

God Bless


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