The Difference

Models of Faith

As we reflect on our relationship to societies that are hostile to Christian faith, it helps to consider Old Testament Characters who found ways to honor God even after they were taken from the safety of their known environment and placed in quite unfriendly circumstances.

Joseph sold in slavery but remained a model of integrity both in adversity and blessing.

Daniel taken to Babylon as slave, but remained true to his faith in God, despite numerous temptations.

Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego taken to Babylon as prisoners and trained for service in paganism.

Today we would think that those things could not happen to us, because in most education facilities today, teach nothing about God and spend more time debating whether He exists. People of faith are often put under great pressure.

Holding on to your faith, in difficult circumstances. The world has a concept that different faiths are all the same and mostly made-up teaching.

Faith in A Loving God is different, it can be taught, but to truly have faith it needs to be caught, by allowing ourselves to be immersed in All He is and all He has for us.

To be a believer in todays society, is about knowing who you are In Christ, once you know this truth, there is nothing the world can say to us, holds up to the reality of having and knowing The Creator God Who loves us.

God Bless,


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