Weekend Inspiration



Our experiences within the quagmire of relationships define who we are or have begun to be. Often changing in growth or perhaps in doubting depletion there is often a subtle deterioration in shared love where we learn the cold winters of misunderstanding. The leaves of autumn shed and shred affecting the close cohesion of compromise and respect. At the spring of seasons where we draw to gather closer as new bulbs of planted bloom keep us hopeful of new beginnings. We search the heat of summer to stroll amidst feelings of rejoicing under sun and sky and feel free to sunbathe in wisdom and reflection of a serene God.

Or there is, the shifting side- walks of a splitting of all seasons of the infiltration of crimes, drug addictions, torn families, un-forgiveness and relationship breakdowns in society and a huge rejection of the Lord’s loving power. Grandparents are raising grandchildren in their golden years, away from escalating familial drug addictions with saddened hearts. It is the love from within families that is missing. It is the law of what’s yours, I can take away, it is the silence of not speaking up for the poverty of emotions, of the dismissal of a crime giving community. It is the horror of seeing young adults skid down the mountain path of addiction and the horrific self-serving attitudes.

Jesus asked us to drink from the cup of love not of self-fulfilling. Horrible things happen to good people but horrible people live in the darkness of hardened hearts.

“WHEN LOVE proceeds from wholeness, it operates in freedom and generosity. We give ourselves not out of any inner need but rather from a desire to bring joy and pleasure to others, without conditions.” (From the book, ‘Sacred Journey’ by Mike Riddell).

Love your Lord with all your heart.


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