Believe It Or Not



Psalm 73

Non-Christians have said to believers of God, ‘You think that all you have to do is pray and then life will be okay for you from God.’

It saddens me to hear them and to observe their verdict of life’s journeys so briefly and in such a dismissive way, who ‘have the prospects of the wicked, are each in good health, have no struggles in life and seem free of burden’s.’

Psalm 72 and73:

We experience life in Christian RIGHTEOUSNESS, your afflicted ones with JUSTICE and who will ‘SAVE the children of the needy, CRUSH the oppressor. We will ENDURE as long as the sun, as long as the moon through ALL generations’

He will be like the rain falling on a mowed field, like showers watering the earth.

In HIS day righteousness and prosperity will ABOUND until the moon is no more. He will RESCUE, for precious is their blood in his sight. How blessed are we to have this heart promise from him, ‘whose name will endure forever’. Unbelievers will avoid any self-awareness of spiritual behavior.

Verse 7: EVIL is REAL and destructive hands deliver iniquity.

11: They say, ‘How can God know?’ (‘of our sins?’).

We will answer ‘But I have knowledge of God’s love. In verse 23, I am told:

‘Yet, I am always with you, held by my right hand”.

Guide me-you will take me into glory…. whom have I in heaven beside you? Verse 26:

My head and my heart may fail but God is the strength of my hand and my PORTION forever”.

This is HIS guaranteed promise to me, and to you, that my heart accepts and trusts whereas the wicked experience the evil conceits and concepts of their minds that know no limits.

Read this and hold it in your hearts as this passage of God’s word is the precious and valued basic truths of his power and unlimited love.

Loving His Light

Be Blessed.


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