Weekend Inspiration



As the children of God the Father, we generally try to keep doing ‘good’ toward others in our lives. However we constantly have to battle those who delight in sinning in their lifestyles. How do we react to them? How do we stay true to our faith in the God of love? God’s word tells us ( 1 John Chapter four) that those continuing to sin will belong to Satan but that the son of God aims to destroy the works of the devil. That leaves us free to be born again with new life in his control. We believe in love not only from the Holy Spirit but for humans we come into contact with. Love requires Listening. Love requires an Open heart. Love brings forth Victory and Love is Enlightenment.

To LOVE one another is to reject the sinner who continues his ways and to trust in the truth, discernment, wisdom, power and eternal love of our God who frees us to love our brother and sister so that judgement upon sinners belongs to him.

There is not really an in between path for us in our choices. Will we live a life of following our King of righteousness or live the misery of a condemned sinner? Pray that your love for a sinner will be counted nonetheless. But because we have walked and talked with God, he will listen to us but others will not (1 JOHN Chapter 4 verse6The Living Bible). The choice is yours as is the love of God.

Believe and Be Blessed.


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