Weekend Inspiration



Remember the wise words in last week’s verses? As to the effects of alcohol the word warns thus: ‘You will say foolish things that would embarrass you no end when sober. You will stagger like a sailor clinging to a swaying mast.’ And then you say. ‘I did not even know when I was beaten up….let’s go and have another drink!’ If a man finds his comfort and solace in wine he turns his back on his loving God. He begins to lose track of his memory, his life purpose, his goals and his personal worthiness. He loses all along his path the further from God he travels. Truth and honor mean so little to him until he replaces drinking with spiritual strength and pursues a life with his savior. There are many sins that separate us from our kin but the bitterness of losing our loved ones because of our sin casts us into the cold shadows of separation from the joy, peace, forgiveness and the deepest love of our Lord.

Don’t go there if you are considering alternatives to HIS teachings, drop them now!

Proverbs 30 verse 32: “if you have been a fool for being proud or plotting evil, do not brag about it – cover your mouth with your hand in shame”.

Be Blessed


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