My Redeemer Lives I Can Face Tomorrow


Knowing The Redeemer lives, is a wonderful part of the Gospel message.

These were the words of Job, in Job 19 verse 25;

Job was feeling poorly at the time. Job prayed for a ‘Goel’ to come and stand up for him or relieve him from suffering.

We are all lost in sin {wrong-doings} that separate us from God, which is not the life we are created for.

The Hebrew word ‘Goel’ is translated ‘Redeemer’ or ‘avenger‘. The ‘Goel was a person’s near relative who would take action on behalf of the person.

The ‘Goel’ was a person who could buy them out of slavery, rescuing them from poverty, and even avenging their death.

The ‘Goel’ was a person who could be relied on, when they were going through tough and even dire circumstances.

Just as Job called out for his ‘Goel’, We have Christ Jesus as our Redeemer. And we know that Our Redeemer lives, for He has set us free from the power of sin, by paying the price for our freedom.

We know that Our Redeemer lives, because He said He would never leave us or forsake us Hebrews 13 verse 5:

We may never be in circumstances like Job, but no matter what, comes our way, we can also say Our Redeemer lives.

God Bless.


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