Weekend Inspiration



God’s people protested and groaned.

“Give us back our ‘stuff’ Lord’,

they so moaned.

‘Obeying you is tough and rough’.

‘God, before you revealed your throne

to us each from heaven above,

we enjoyed much sin as was sown,

you told us to forget it and away do it shove’.

‘Let us hang on to our ‘stuff’ longer,

why change, are our habits so wrong?

Time yet we need, for on your words we ponder

on finding our way, to become stronger’.

‘We have lived as we pleased

through many seasons and years.

Ignoring your call for our ‘stuff’ to cease,

regardless of others shedding of tears’.

‘We feel contrite, so now to worship and get it right.

We do heed your call and will answer to you.

To bow and kneel to live only in your light,

our ‘stuff’ discarded with all praise given to you.

Forgive us God and empty from us all our ‘stuff’.

‘Loving you is not so tough.’

Be Blessed


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