Weekend Inspiration



It does not hang from his neck

or circle his wrist, nor pin it to his chest.

It is not in minutes or hours to ever check,

not by moon or sun will time rest.

There are no ticks, alarms or music to sound,

no voices to automatically announce each hour

or chant a tune as midnight comes around

to be operated by people power from a steel tower.

The Lord’s timepiece flows through life’s seasons,

of journey’s, beginning at birth toward breath’s end.

The times shows no patterns, or predicted reasons,

his time is told in choices to change, his will he does rend.

The life times he ordains and holds all in his hands.

He takes our plans and scatters them not to our ways

but carries them toward experiences from his holy sands,

grains we least expected as his purposes for our days.

Our times do not tick from a clock but through God,

as he sends seasons to us, so from his shaping we will learn

of his compassion, truths and trust to become his spF1iritual rod.

From each season he takes us though, his love for us does burn.

The Lord’s timing may send sorrow and strife, grief immense.

Yet we are held with strength from the vine entwined to his heart.

When he lifts us in peace, power and acceptance within his presence,

we will look back and know that his timepiece for our life’s part,

is the most precious spiritual lesson of our Lord’s holy essence.

Every soul is honored by His seasonal timepiece as He

seeks us for the rock clock of eternity, to never be apart.

The Lord’s timepiece reveals his peace-times.

Be Blessed


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