Weekend Inspiration



Just as dawn breaks forth into sunlight,

crystal light will pour forth so bright,

the night will drift into noon

when you have overcome, soon,

the wickedness of oppression,

fed the hungry in depression,

and clothed the naked well.

He will bless you to tell,

as you cry for help and call

from behind a painful wall.

He will answer ‘I am here

and always near.’

In a sun drenched land your needs he will meet

as in sifting of sand, his guidance he will give

and shape you with strength to live.

Like a watered garden of soil so deep,

a spring will flow constantly of his love,

blessings will fly like wings of doves.

Your people will rebuild the ancient foundations.

of walls broken by former nations,

as repairers and restorers of dwellings of stone.

Then, there, you will find your great joy to live

on the heights of owned land that he will give

in his name, from his heart and his throne,

this forever will be your home.

Be Blessed


Lorraine S 2016

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