Song Of The Heart

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In Job 37, it is written, ‘God’s voice thunders in marvellous ways, he does good things beyond our understanding.

(Verse 6), ‘He says to the snow ‘fall on the earth’ and to the rain shower, ‘be a mighty downpour.’

There is no doubt of the awesome power at God’s command for his earth but what about his command of the heart?  He is the composer and conductor of the inner songs of our hearts.  Perhaps voices of sadness, rejection, unhealed wounds, and unresolved issues.  God twists the violin strings to shape major and minor concertos of our lives to re-shape the notes of his orchestra. He tunes and re-strings broken chords, honing and re-writing until the symphony is refined and final.

It takes time, practice and repetition of discord to triumph with the conductor, the solo composer of our music, to perfect the crescendo of ‘off’ notes and harmonic lyrics of our inner songs.  Each one has a part in our lives according to the compositions of our God and we need to fine-tune his conducting expertise by heeding his baton.  Our ears and mouth must be aware of the abundance God gives us, from his heart of the blessings the songs to our inner heart so that our soul and spirit accepts the renewal and freedom of his music.

He is our composer and conductor of every aspect of our lives and to be a part of his orchestra is our inherited treasure.

Be Blessed


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