The Serenity Of Silence



Many people find silence uncomfortable and disconcerting so they try to talk rapidly just to fill the lack of communication. The silence of communing with Jesus is a precious and holy time of deepest worship. It is the crowning joy of prayer, just you and your Lord.  It can be in the velvet blackness of midnight or the rising rays of dawn.  Even on a train of chattering people or seated at a buzzing airport.  Heart to heart, ear to ear but without sound, the spirit is opened up like a winter waterfall cascading to the pool of spirit knowledge.

It takes time to become attuned to hearing the Lord’s voice and accepting his guidance but it also matches up with life experience.  Being conscious of spiritual wisdom enables us to empathize with the lives of others in a learning, listening, loving way as a vessel through Jesus. We also receive the blessing of spiritual insight and discernment in situations and in interaction by each others journey’s It is in the serenity of solitude however that we come into God’s precious presence to share our hearts.

To know that, he is the source and sovereign power of our past, present and future.  That he has promised, ‘We will be like a well-watered garden like a spring whose waters never fail.’ (Isaiah 58-11).

What reassurance this comforting verse is to us. Seek to get used to the silence of serenity with the Lord, he will never fail you. Call on him, he is there waiting for you, always nearby.


Be blessed



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