Fruit From Within


Every tree is known by its own fruit. Mark 6 verse 43 and 44:

A healthy tree does not bear decayed fruit, likewise a decaying tree, does not bear good fruit. Our Lord and Our friend here is explaining the different between heart action, and action, because we believe we have to under the law.

Actions and a life lived by the law tends toward, hypocrisy, condemning others to cover inconsistency. Actions lived out of a life lived righteously, proceeds from a heart of good treasure.

A tree full of life, has allowed The Holy Spirit to marinate it with the fullness of Christ. A tree that is that is decaying, is plugged into a world system, of do and don’t that can’t breath life.

If we look at the message the Book of James is giving us, it show God wants people to be someone more than to get somewhere. Rather than measuring our worth through achievements and acquisitions, He evaluates our character, looking for such virtues as peace, truth, serenity and strength of character. Our Lord and Our Friend values us for who we are and who we are becoming.

There is a song which goes something like this ‘My life is in you Lord’. Our Lord and Our Friend has showed us the way, we should be people who can endure testing and trials.  People who trust God for our sufficiency. People who can discern between good and bad decisions. People of generosity. People who take the time to listen and understand. People whose actions are more than just words. People of compassion, compassion towards others who are in need.

It takes time to develop character that produces good fruit. Just like a fruit tree, one can not just plant it and expect it to grow, it needs to be watered and nurtured to bear much fruit. So our life need to be watered by The Word of God, and we need to allow ourselves to be nurtured to grow by the Comforter {The Holy Spirit}, Who has been given to us as our Helper {Nurturer}.

Our lives, need to be embedded in Him, and all He has made available to us.

God Bless.


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